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A Beautiful Lawn Doesn't Just Happen ... It's Planned

Chemical lawn care goes beyond just fertilization and weed control, it also includes services like insect & disease control, nutrition boosters for your landscaped plants, preventative weed controls for your flower beds and much more! More importantly then this though is our desire to share what we know so your lawn can thrive, even if you choose not to have GSI Grounds Services, Inc. treat your lawn.

We Work Hard To Make Your Lawn Beautiful:
How Grounds Services, Inc. Can Help Your Turf, Trees & Shrubs:

  • We use granular fertilizers that break up over time to allow a steady release of nutrients into the soil for the turf root to feed from.
  • Phosphorous is vital to the lawns root development and is part of our application # 5 for Ohio residents. It is also available after a lawn has been recently seeded or if the soil has a deficiency. We recommend this video for information that tackles the current stigma of phosphorous on lawns.
  • GSI offers free site evaluations for both customers and non-customers. We can help diagnose a problem and help find a solution to your lawns problems.
  • We believe in our products and staff, if you feel that a service is not working as expected, just give us a call and we will get a technician out to fix it.
  • Our office is staffed all year round with our knowledgeable secretary who is always ready to help, and if we happen to miss your call just leave us a message so we can promptly contact you back.
  • We offer quick, reliable quotes that can be done over the phone in just few hours; or, if the problem is more complicated than that, we can send a one of our experienced technicians out to evaluate the lawn.
  • GSI is family owned. We don't have sales or production quotas and you will never be treated like a number.