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Lawn Care

Maximize the condition of your lawn with our seasonal program. Grounds Services, Inc. ensures that your lawn will be treated at the proper times with a blend of granular fertilizer tailored for the seasonal conditions, we offer unlimited lawn services to meet your needs and budget.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Lawn care deals with more than just turf, it also includes your trees and shrubs. Understanding their needs and looking for signs of stress is a way to ensure the health of your trees and shrubs. We offer free Estimates and will work with you to customize a program to suit your requirements.

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Seasonal Information

Lawn care can be a challenging task. With all your daily chores and schedule, it can be difficult to time everything just right. With Grounds Services, you can be certain that your lawn will be treated at the proper times in a professional and precise manner. Check out services based on the season.

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Crabgrass Prevention. Sign up before soil reaches 55 degrees.

Crabgrass germinates when the soil reaches about 55 degrees. Protect your lawn this summer with a preventative granular fertilizer that will halt weedy grass seedlings from germinating.

Crabgrass in mulch bed

Tree and Shrub Fungicide Spray. Must be completed in early spring

Many diseases that target our landscape plants need to be treated around bud break well before the visual symptoms shows up in the season. Learn about tree and shrub disease activity.

Leaf spot disease on river birch

Tree/Shrub Deep Root Feeding. Spring Schedule.

Deep Root Feeding is a high quality nutrient solution which is injected directly into the root zone/structure of the tree providing oxygen, nutrients and reducing soil compaction.

Deep Root Feeding for Trees and Shrubs

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