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Save time and take the guess work out of lawn maintenance with Ground Services, Inc.

You're busy and lawn maintenance can be more of a science than a hobby sometimes. Weeds popping through competing with the turf, brown spots in the lawn even when there's been adequate moisture, your trees simply not looking healthy during the growing season. We can help! Schedule a free analysis today to find the right solutions for your lawn care problems or call us at 567-952-0057 to see how we can help you.

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Lawn Care Solutions

Whether your turf is established, new or in need of a little care, GSI can help your lawn thrive! For over 25 years, we have helped clients achieve a healthy vigorous lawn through nutrient based and chemical applications - that's what we specialize in!

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Tree and Shrub Care

Our services extend beyond just lawn care; we also provide nutrient soil saturation options for trees, shrubs and landscape plants as well as disease and insect control solutions to help keep your trees healthy, strong and flourishing.

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Insect Control

Some insects are more prevalent during different times of the season than others. GSI can help keep the pest away! We offer perimeter insect controls for the exterior of the home, turf and tree insecticides, as well as controls for flower beds!

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Make your lawn your oasis for 2023!

Current Late Spring/Early Summer Lawn, Tree and Shrub Treatment Services Happening Now:

  • Soil Test: Get an detailed report of your soils nutrients and PH
  • Lawn Fertilization and Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Fungicides and Disease Prevention
  • Micro Nutrients & Soil Corrections for the lawn
  • Insect controls: for the lawn, trees, landscape and exterior of your home

Late Spring/Early Summer is a great time to target surface pest such as ticks, spiders and stinging insects. Our liquid insect control will target those pest and keep them at bay for weeks! Call us for a quote.

Upcoming Services for Summer (time to get a quote if you are interested):

  • Insect Controls for the lawn
  • Grub Control
  • Tree and Shrub Insect Control
  • Mite Control
  • Undesired grass control
  • Vegetation Control
  • Commercial & Industrial Bed/Stone Maintenance
  • Cattail Control
  • Scale Control for Trees, Shrubs and Landscape Areas

Not all fertilization companies are the same. What makes GSI different?

Training, Education, Experience - To accurately treat a customers lawn takes proper know-how and an understanding of the plants or pest we are treating for as well as the products we are using.

Customer Focused - We are focused on the satisfaction of the customer and overall health and appeal of their lawns, trees and shrubs. We are here to help guide you, not sell you unneeded services.

Personalized Program for Your Lawn - While everyone's lawn may seem similar, each lawn has a different set of needs. If requested, we can draw a soil sample ($30/per sample) and analyze the results to pinpoint exactly what your lawns needs are. We can help tailor a custom program to not only fit what your turf, trees or shrubs require, but also a plan that works for you.


Photos taken by our technicians showing side by side comparisons of a lawn treated by GSI (left) vs the other guy (right). Unedited & unfiltered.