Services Offered

Grounds Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of lawn, tree and shrub services to help keep your property healthy and beautiful all season long.

We are your local fertilization company whom specialize in chemical and nutrient based health solutions for the landscape and turf; servicing residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our core service program is the 5-step lawn fertilization application process, though you may customize your program to fit your needs. One size does not always fit all and we understand that. If you need someone to physically evaluate your property, please reach out to us and a technician will stop out.

Lawn applications are about ever 6-8 weeks apart from each other.

Lawn Services


Indicates common services*


Application #1

Early Spring: Season long crabgrass protection with fertilizer. Time sensitive service


Application #2

Late Spring/Early Summer: Granular fertilizer service and liquid weed control.


Application #3

Mid Summer: Granular fertilizer service and liquid broadleaf weed control.


Grub Control

Mid Summer: Target grubs before they target your lawn. Time sensitive service.


Application #4

Late Summer/Early Fall: Granular fertilizer service and liquid broadleaf weed control.


Application #5

Late Fall/Early Winter: Granular fertilizer to feed the lawn for next year.


Weed Control

Broadleaf Weed Control: Targets clover, dandelions, creeping charlie and more!


Vegetation Control

Targets grasses in lawns, vegetation on hard surfaces. Ideal for starting new lawns!


Surface Insect Control

Insects on the surface got you down? This service will target fleas, ticks and more!


Sub Surface Insects

Most common pest are grubs, though also targets billbugs and weevil larvae as well.


Fungus & Disease

Fungicides to help protect and cure your lawn from disease activity that is common.


Seeding Services

Offering aeration/seeding and slice/seeding services to help a thin or bare lawn.


Organic Fertilizer

Introduce micro nutrients back into the soil with organic, natural fertilizers.


Soil Test

Something not right? It could be missing something! Get a soil test to find out.


PH Correction

Turf prefers a neutral soil ph, we can help correct that with lime or sulfur.

Tree/Shrub Services


Deep Root Feeding

Nutrients delivered to the root zone! A healthy plant starts at the roots.


Disease Control

Get control of diseases before they control your trees! Time sensitive service


Insect Control

Soil soak and foliage spray options available. Protective and curative services.

Commercial & Industrial Services


Large Property Maintenance

Bulk discount prices apply for large fertilization and weed control accounts.


Soil Sterilants

Ideal for large areas or gravel or hard surfaces such as parking and loading areas.


Commercial Flowerbeds

Vegetation control and pre-emergence for flower bed maintenance for commercial.