Photos of local customer lawns that are serviced by our team.

A beautiful lawn is possible, though requires patience and proper maintenance. With the right lawn care products and care (mowing, irrigation, etc.), any lawn can be brought to life!




Before and after photo: Soil correction and aeration/seeding on customers back lawn.


Toledo lawn with our basic fertilization and weed control program. Services started in October of 2021 and the image was taken in May of 2022. The client noted that the weeds were eliminated after the first visit!


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Max, our technician who provides the fertilization and weed control services to Perrysburg, is applying granular fertilizer and liquid weed control to an HOA.



One of our lawn care technicians, John Jr., servicing an HOA in summer. The equipment he is using, a Z, allows for an accurate rate of product to be applied to the lawn. An underfed or overfed lawn will not perform optimally and these machines make it easy to do the job right the first time.


A treated tall fescue lawn in summer. Tall fescue may take some time to establish, but once it does, your lawn will be hardy and ready to survive many of the obstacles the season throws at it.


A weed-free, green lawn treated with our most common lawn care program: Applications 1-5. Healthy grass will help guard against erosion and trap pollutants.


A beautifully well maintained lawn! Fertilization and weed control applications have helped allow the grass to thicken up and green up. The edging and mowing are also on point too, although we do not provide that service, we do admire the work done here.



An image submitted by a customer. A green, weed-free lawn with really nice mow lines!


A lawn treated by Grounds Services, Inc. with our common lawn care program: granular fertilizer and liquid weed control.


Tall fescue turf type in summer. With patience and a balanced nutrient schedule (as well as keeping competing vegetation in check), this turf was able to fully establish within two years.



HOA lawn serviced: fertilization and weed control basic lawn care program package.